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Characters (All Designs by Drachea Rannak)

Jasmine Rasinco

Rajan Rasinco

The Heroine of our story. She was born and raised as a Majesti and would live and die for her king.

When things start going wrong will she be able to handle the cost?

Favorite Quote: "I'm a warrior and will die a warrior!"

Aidan Delano

The Fiery Night. He is the one prophesied to doom the world of Jericho. 

He was born to the Majesti and Elfin races by Rajan's sister and an Elfin Delano.

He came to take the throne and his "rightful" place as king.

Who will stand against him? And who will fall?

Favorite Quote: "I will be the greatest Delano."

The hero of our story. He was again born and raised as a Majesti and gained the throne at a very young age when his father died during the war.

When things hit the fan will Rajan be able to be the king the Majesti need? Or will be fall to ruin?

Favorite Quote: "We are all going to die."

Luna Negura

Luna is an odd sort. Neither hero nor villain. Just someone to help.

She is one of the Sceashot, or Gemini race. Who were born from the unholy union of dark elves and faye.

By day they are the sweetest and tamest people you will ever meet. By night, they are the exact opposite and know what to do or say to make you pay.

Favorite Quote: "You really ought to know better."

Fire of the Night

Enter a world of fantasy called Jericho. Hidden within the middle of the Bermuda Triangle this land stands as the portion of our world where myths are real. However, they still have their problems. On the back of one war another started and spread like wild fire. Only Rajan Kisern stood bastion against the Delano.

With a treaty came more problems. The Fire of the Night has arisen! Who will stand against him?

Fire of the Night: Book One Treacherous Beginnings

First released September 2011

Re-released February 2014

"We're all going to die."

In a world where magic still lived, there were those who fought for a king to end their suffering and those who wanted the monster to rule... 

Enter a world of Fantasy where things aren't what they seem. The War of the Elements and Phoenixes has turned the world of Jericho, a place hidden in the Bermuda Triangle, into chaos. 

The Delano, an acient evil has risen up in great numbers, leaving no way to defeat them, until Rajan, the current King of the Mejesti, strikes a deal with the monsters.

Everything was peaceful, until a young girl has her first vision of "The Fiery Night".

Who is the Fire of the Night? Is he myth? Or is he real?

Fire of the Night: Book Two Friendly Enemies

Released September 2014

"Who is Friend and who is Foe?"

In a world where magic still lived there were those who fought for a king to end their suffered and those who wanted the monster to rule...

Jasmine Rasinco has a lot on her hands and even with the "peace" between kingdoms she is still waiting for something to ruin it.

When Aidan Delano, the nephew of the king, starts sneaking out more and more Jasmine decides to follow him. Only to get caught up in a plot and suspected of murder of Rajan Kisern's sister and her husband!

Now on the run the only question on Jasmine's mind is: Who is Friend? And Who is Foe?