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Rose Marie Lupei

Rose Marie Lupei

Rose Marie Lupei is a kick butt heroine that has a lot of issues but is working on them.

Her eyes are purple because she spent too much time in leopard form for them to be able to change back.

Her bedside manner is atrocious and she tells everything like it is. She's blunt and a pain in the butt. But that's why we love her.

Favorite Quote: "I hunt, I survive, I kill."

This doll was made using Rinamaru Mega Anime Creator

Richard Evan Chase

Rich Chase is a Private investigator that was raised in Minnesota. Where he was born...well he'll explain that in Trigger, eventually.

He's serious when on the job, but alone or with people he trusts he can be a real dork.

He faces a huge challenge as Rose's love interest, but I have faith in him.

Favorite Quote: "You would think Death would be on time."

This doll was made using Rinamaru Mega Anime Creator

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Cosplayer Me Pictures done by Sarah Marie Spectrum.
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These are commissions of artists that I made for my characters. It's mostly Rose, however I'm planning on commissioning more. They were done by ChobitsMNG, Drachea Rannak, OakleafNinja, and CatofMoon. So far. The one of Death (by CordialCrow) was commissioned by my fellow Author Noël and is put on here with permission from Noël.